Thank you for visiting, what are the chances you could predict the future over 100 x’s with 100% accuracy?  Is it possible for 40 human authors, on 3 continents, in 3 languages, over 1,500 years, to describe the same God, and make over 100 future predictions, with 100% accuracy?  Answer, yes, the Scriptures.   Start searching the scriptures today and see how world history is going to play out… Is there any other book, document, writing, literature, message, or person in times past to continuously predict human nature and the future for over 2,500 years with 100%  accuracy?  Answer NO.  The scriptures are NON-FICTION & 100% HISTORICALLY ACCURATE.  Still the worlds most distributed and best-selling literature, the scriptures are illegal in over 50 countries, some of which enforce the death penalty for having the “Scriptures” in your possession.  The truth remains that the scriptures message is for all people; truth is not dictated by belief and there is no address listed in the “bible” for you to go to church… better to find the Living God on this side of eternity…


Atheist and Agnostic

Do you have a case against God?  See how it stacks up here against truth you can not overcome…


God Seekers

Start searching the scriptures, looking into prophecy, strengthen your belief.


A faithful translation of the New Testament in modern English.  Easy to read, honest to the text, transparent in translation, the Faithful English Version of the bible is ready to be tested and trusted from generation to generation.